Downsizing to a New Home

For some designers, building a relationship with a client is one part of the design process. At Giberte, it is the essence of everything we do.

We believe that everyone we work with already has inherent knowledge of the designs they want and we just need to help them find it. By spending time with our clients we get to know their needs and tastes, which allows us to shape the projects in ways that deliver the results they truly want.

Over the years and through many projects, we have come to look forward to working with (NAME). We knew her latest move might be stressful and we wanted to do all we could to make sure her new home in Connecticut felt as cozy and welcoming as the house she was leaving in Hanover. Having already worked together on two wonderful homes, one in Hanover and one in New York City, our understanding of her lifestyle and her interest in art were crucial in achieving everyone’s goals. We knew she was making this last move during a stressful time and we focused our endeavor on paying attention to every detail – and that effort made all the difference.