Enhancing A Second Home with “Captured” Space

A second home in Quechee, Vermont started out as an occasional destination for this busy career couple looking to get away from it all. They loved Vermont and the outdoor activities they could enjoy around Quechee, but weren’t sure how often they would be able to make the trip. The convenience of being able to simply pop into their country life was their first priority when it came to design. Since there is seldom too much of a good thing, they realized that their simple getaway home for two might be creatively adapted to allow them to host their friends and grown children too.

Could the large, unfinished basement be utilized in a way that would enhance the experience for them and their guests?

After discussing their “wish list,” we set to work to create a concept and plan the space. We developed the construction plans complete with lighting, plumbing, and heating layouts, and arranged for a contractor who could execute the work. Our detailed cabinetry drawings included a full bar and kitchen area, along with a media center.  We created a bath complete with a steam shower, and a cedar closet to store all their off-season sportswear. As this would be a gathering space for family and friends, we shaped part of the space around a pool table while maintaining flexibility for other activities and future uses.

In keeping with the owners’ tastes and the feel of modern Vermont living, the natural wood elements are warm and inviting, with carefully selected lighting that enhances the space with soft silhouettes. The modern, clean look makes this new “captured” space a cherished part of their getaway home.