A Stunning Home Brought to Life

During a large renovation/construction project, a nearby Vermont contractor was faced with a vexing challenge when it came to sourcing world-class materials.

He knew his client wanted the best for her project. He was working on schematic design ideas from a designer with a broad vision, but due to distance and other factors he was unable to help with the implementation. We made ourselves available for each step of the process and the homeowner began to trust and rely on us for each successive stage. She quickly came to appreciate our design sense and the extensive library of materials we had to offer. Our role in the project grew larger and larger and the final results speak for themselves.

The brilliance of this house is truly in the details. From custom “antiqued” marble counters in the kitchen to the crystal bath doors that allow the incredible beauty of the materials and workmanship to shine through, this house is truly a triumph of teamwork and shared vision.